To Keep A Plant Alive

by Fig

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The four-song EP is an all-Latino collaboration with the Hip-Hop group Weapons of Mass Creation (WOMC) out of Anaheim, CA. This OC/LA collab is a follow up to the all-Chicanx Hip-Hop cypher, “Donald Trump’s Nightmare” , which they released last year.

To Keep a Plant Alive is a powerful and raw journey of the growth of a young artist. We follow Fig on his search for self-worth and the communities that taught him to recognize his own potential. He leads us through the love and vulnerability it took to find his value amidst the rejection and failure on the path of following his dreams.

In times of uncertainty and self-doubt, To Keep a Plant Alive reminds us that we all have a purpose and all deserve to chase what makes us happy.

Backed by 90’s-inspired boom-bap Hip-Hop beats and soul samples, this EP displays Fig’s abilities as an emcee and his honesty as a writer.


released February 28, 2017

Featured rappers on the EP include Naps, Solitude and Moe Budda of WOMC. Beats produced by @DrZeussone of WOMC and Reed Sutherland of Barnhouse Recording. Mixed and Mastered by Reed Sutherland.



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Fig Los Angeles, California

An up-and-coming Hip-Hop artists, organizer and performer out of Los Angeles. He is currently recording his first full length project between being on tour with the Hip-Hop theatre show, Mixed-Race Mixtape, and organizing his first solo tour. His dynamic flow, engaging lyrics and charming theatrics, when laid over Golden Era inspired Jazz and soul beats, brings you something beautifully different. ... more

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Track Name: Good Soil feat. Moe Budda, Solitude & Naps
1st verse (Fig)

Fig. A mixture of many things indeed. Life’s hard truth, top these childhood dreams. Understanding beauty over faces in the Magazine. Public school lesson plans. Rap planting seeds. I’m a tree. Let a brother grow. I’m a go getter. Better let the rest your brothers know. uh. And your sisters too. Fuck a dissing tune. I ain’t got time for the nameless. I got money to make. Hundreds of years of lies to shake. And love. I got love to create. Fires to set. Water to spray. power of those who came before. Legacy of the torn. Buried and re-born. I’m the son of rage and intelligence. I grew up watching them dance from top of the stair case. With a stare blank, I studied in awe. Ego, power, hate, selfless, selfish, self-love. I studied it all.
Track Name: Plenty Of Sunlight feat. Naps
1st Verse (Naps):
cebolla en olla
salsita de goya
Aromatic limon in crab salad haiba eat till you liven up n hiber- nating its a labor of love creation i thank mom for makin
Simmer down
Peel back the frown
Reduce the fruits n veggies n drown in the juices your worries are useless
Untie the knots up in your shoulders
N turn the sopa on the stove up
Let the steam clean your pores
Grab a bowl
Le hechamos agua a los frijoles yes
Theres more
Where that came from- the heart
And so it goes out
This aint no hallmark greeting card
This that carnitas in your backyard
Youre getting seconds you didnt ask
Wander with no passport
Wonder how that glassful
Rationed to fuel a pack of these rascals
We stretch it out like your last bowl x2

Hook (Fig):
No Stressing. No Stressing. It’s Figgy Fucking Baby Boy and all of the Weapons! x4

2nd Verse (Fig):
Come on over to my place. I’ll sit you down and ask bout familia. How’s your Tia? “Cochita’s doing fine, thank you. Healths been in recline. Gracias a dios.” And then offer you a plate fool. Who got jokes? Any one got jokes? I know this one about the women in the grocery store looking for a half a melon. “I’m sorry mam, we don’t sell half melons here” Nope! (I’ll go and ask manager) Or or wait! How about the pink elephant in the bar he never paid!!! Lord. That one-never-gets old. More, please. I’m trying to get my laugh on. Some, one. Make a toast before we pass on! I got vino. Quien quiere mas vino! Bottle’s over here, so let me know. Cheers to being together and dancing with or without ritmo….I love you.

Hook (Fig):
No Stressing. No Stressing. It’s Figgy Fucking Baby Boy and all of the Weapons! x4
Track Name: Enough (Water)
This the come up. This the work after the work. Even in summer. Write until the sun up. Sick of getting another run up for recognition. I’m hanging the gold on the fridge in my mama’s kitchen.

Done paying the rent with tips and theatre money. Done waiting on Lin to tell me that i’m worth it. Like 6 o’clock Downtown meter money. I know I’m worth it. I know you’ve heard it.

Look me in the soul and tell me that you didn’t feel it. I was an Angel Hopping the A train and Ya’ll believed it! You should have. Those tears were freeing beyond belief. I Killed that shit. Shakespeare showing all his teeth.

That much closer to beating my best. I’m breaking new ground. 64 Donkey Kong: Beating my Chest, chest beat the only reason I need to be doing whatever it takes to start reaching the rest.

Every time I get a little bit I want more? Like upper class white boys and Zanex bars. I can’t discard, the passion on, Genkai, giving her spirit energy to a ball and passing it on.
Yuska with a spirit gun. I’m Pun with a dictionary. Pac with the internet. Drake with all these feelings. Tell me where i’ve gone. Dory in dark water. They’ll only remember you for the span of the song.

I’ll be what your children are raised to. I’ll raise you. I’ll be the music that saves you. I’ll take you from a critic to fan to family to finally yourself. Two words you should learn, “Thank you.”…Cause you oh so fucking welcome. Cause you oh so fucking welcome. That’s Figgy Fucking Baby boy W.O.M.C welcome to the EP.